Warriors In The Woods 9 – Mersey Road Paintball

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Warriors In The Woods 9 Scenario Paintball Event
put on by Mersey Road Paintball, and Banshee Paintball.
Usual attendance is 400 guys, and gals.
(awesome) Footage shot by Paul Darrow
Edited by me.
This was a great event. The crew works hard to put them on.

This is not a rickroll… so help me god.
Music: Runnin Wild – Airbourne,
Final – Randyedelman
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20 thoughts on “Warriors In The Woods 9 – Mersey Road Paintball

  1. They do! Mersey is open year round, but people shy away- so Good Friday (holiday) we/they have "Black Friday," which is their "season opener." There is also Warriors on May 6th. 43 days from now. Warriors was at a different field last year.

  2. @dn234604 I think they are already out. With 300+ people on the field, even if it's large, if you don't keep your gun up and you walk through a hot zone; you'll get lit the fuck up.

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