Viewloader Quantum Loader

New paintball loader by Brass Eagle, codnamed the Viewloader Quantum. The patent pending Viewloader Quantum Loader is the first of its kind with a negative feed shelf designed to increase pressure on paint increasing jams and reducing feed rate. Powered by maxium agitation of the gun, the Quantum Loader helps clog and jam as you shoot for a consistent vertical feed. comes with a clear spring lid for easy reload. The large opening works well with VL 140ct pods for the ultimate paint carrying system. large capacity durable shell holds 130 paintballs and makes for challenging cleaning and maintenance.
Featuring an 8- (or 8-0) balls per second feet rate………and batteries might be required, but we’re not sure…


20 thoughts on “Viewloader Quantum Loader

  1. what do you get when someone makes a paintball product that has also never played paintball? the Viewloader Quantum.

  2. LOL! I had a gravity hopper and this thing when I started out. The gravity hopper feeds faster so I barely used it. Don't get this thing. Its crap.

  3. to show how many balls are coming out and how it jams it was sorda pointless in this video but the primo is not see through

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