Vanguard Demon Shooting PSP 12.5

Vanguard Demon Shooting PSP 12.5

PSP 12.5 is so smooth!!!!
Video Rating: / 5

Video Rating: / 5


27 thoughts on “Vanguard Demon Shooting PSP 12.5

  1. I'm too lazy to start a PM man, sorry.. Speedball markers are semi auto, or they can be ramping which is similar to "full auto" or three round burst.

  2. @BTdeltafan101 soo wait are speedball guns fully automatic or you need fast fingers please reply in a pm so i will see it on my email

  3. Ummm, no the Demons do not sell for 550$… They retail for 1050$ still unless it was some sort of one time limited offer but they are still 1050$ as far as I know.

  4. @TheSWPaintball It has a lot more maintenance required. It will leak quite often so I have to make sure I am using the perfect lube, like Dow55 so it seals the orings nice and tight. But it is 3x as smooth and soo quiet!

  5. i have a 2013 it is beautiful the grip frame is the same width of the geos and with me its smoother then a luxe and is way more efficient but the style of the gun is the same as the luxe like the spring in the bolt to stop first shot drop

  6. How does it feel in the hands. Similar to anything else? Always looks a little thick in the gripframe to me, but never actually held one.

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