Tippmann Effect X

Wrong Date on Video
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Tippmann Effect Original Matrix 98 Custom. *****NOT MINE****


The original Tippmann Effect Matrix 98 Custom that started all 98c ebolt projects. This is the original owners video I downloaded off putfile and I posted it onto youtube.
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20 thoughts on “Tippmann Effect X

  1. no no no, the TEAM broke up,

    the guns dont break at all, friend of mine played mini golf with my tip-set, then won an event with it the next day

  2. No, brand new Spyders don't chrono under 300 until they are broken in. The stock springs on pretty much any stack tubed blowback are overpowered from the factory to compensate for breakin.

    I work at a field, and I'll tell you right now, literally 90% of brand new Kingman guns in 3 years that have been shot over my chrono out of the box have been well over the limit, I'm talking like 350 fps.

    Tippmanns on the other hand have an air choke screw, so you can go all the way down to like 150 fps.

  3. spyders and tippmanns can easily get below 300 buddy, otherwise THOUSANDS of younger or beginner players would be walking to their cars from the chrono station with a frown on their face.

  4. Tippmann effect 98c's are great guns, ive owned a few of them, and yes, they did break up (alot of the guys work at my local field and proshop) they are great players

  5. I never said you couldn't adjust velocity, just out the box these are the basic numbers, I work at a paintball field and most spyders can't get below 280 without cutting the spring, and a stock tippmann most of the time will not get below 300.

  6. tippmanns have no place in speedball. They are good players so I don't understand why they waste their time with shitty ass guns

  7. Why does it matter how fast a gun can shoot fps wise when the average feild limits it to 280 fps. Oh and tippies do fall apart when you try to superman into the snake with the stock feedneck holding a full halo. It's so sad there's no TE anymore though they just had to make them play those scenario games didn't they.

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