Tippmann Big Boy Grenade Review and Demonstration (SLOW-MO) by HustlePaintball.com

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How do paintball grenades work? Are they worth the money? We answer those questions, and show you how much fun they can be. Watch as we talk about it, then show it in action.

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20 thoughts on “Tippmann Big Boy Grenade Review and Demonstration (SLOW-MO) by HustlePaintball.com

  1. These are freaking awesome! They remind me of a bouncing betty (which is an actual bomb) because of the way the bounce and spin. Nice video!

  2. I recommend grenades with a replaceable safety. You may change your mind about throwing a grenade and want to put the safety back on. Once you take that shrink wrap off you can't put it back on.

  3. This is purely up to the field itself. I would ask your local field if it is okay as rules vary between each one. – Trevor

  4. Considering the Big Boy Paint Grenades are only a dollar more, I'd go for those. The Squadbusters are nice and definitely work well – it just feels better throwing the Big Boy compared to the Squad. Also the 10 ounces of paint in the Big Boy is just awesome! You definitely get your bang for your buck. The Squadbusters seem like they are more for close quarters (around corners, up/down stairs, etc..) but it will still mark a large diameter so they can be used really wherever. -Russell

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