Speedball paintball, 5v5 playing snake GoPro

This is me and my team at Wacky Warriors Paintball (Wentzville, MO). It was a 5v5 game and I ended up getting all the other players out except one. I bunkered someone in snake and it worked out for once :P. It was a good game! If anyone lives near here and wants to come out and play some weekend let me know. The staff here are great and you wont regret it.
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Paintball Assassin: Speedball UNCUT Commentary

http://facebook.com/TheMidnightAngelZ to see me take out a 5man speedball team with 1 magazine..

I’d like to Thank my Boy Noel for the Photographs of skill on the Field

Weapons: TiPX from Tippmann- STOCK


40 thoughts on “Speedball paintball, 5v5 playing snake GoPro

  1. Yo best way to play snake is dick to the dirt an never come up inthe same place and when you go to make a bunker move dont hesitate just put him in and run him down

  2. It takes a lot of skill to only shoot twice when bunkering someone lol! You are a great snake player, I would be happy to make you a youtube banner

  3. Hey bro, do you remember what settings you put your gopro on to get that quality of a video. One of the best I have seen.

  4. Hey, I got a Valken Proton for christmas last year, and after 6 months of my parents being "to busy" to take me to the closest field (about 45 mins away) I eventually lost interest. After this christmas I have gotten re-interested and decided to pay my friend to take me 😛 so I am now back in the game. If u could give me any tips I would be very thankful. Thank you in advance.

  5. If I want to start playing speedball how do I practice cause everyone is already good at it and nobody's gonna want me to play

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