Smart Parts Paintball World Championship 2006 – Episode 2

GAME 3: Seattle Naughty Dogs vs. New York Aces

Seattle Naughty Dogs was founded in 1996. The team has competed in every form of paintball possible and done incredibly well. The Dogs dominated regional events for years before going national when they joined the professional ranks in 2003. The New York Aces have been around in one carnation or another since the beginning of professional paintball. Playing and winning all over the US, Europe and even the Toronto Skydome, these guys have done it all.

GAME 4: Moscow Russian Legion vs. Los Angeles XSV

Moscow’s Russian Legion has been playing on the American Circuit since 2005 and is a tyrannical leader in Europe where they hit the scene in the 90’s, honed their skills and dominated the fields. Los Angeles XSV was born on the ashes of a professional team based out of Los Angeles in 2004. The team member, all long time players, decided on a change, branched out and found their niche on the professional circuit.

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23 thoughts on “Smart Parts Paintball World Championship 2006 – Episode 2

  1. man ive watched all these 1000 times over the years and in 2015i am stil getting excited and on my seat and I even know who wins before they win and Im still on the edge

  2. Cool video dude I'm excited to play again soon, I got a dynasty ion from someone on ebay. Know by chance the difference btwn the regular ions and dynasty, as far as how the gun plays?

  3. I got this gun replaced speedball trigger gravity hopper compressed air tank and a bunch of other things for 155$ is that good

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