Russian Legion vs Philly Americans at PSP World Cup 2009 – Epic Paintball?

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PSP World Cup 2009 Paintball mix. We feature the Philly Americans vs the Russian Legion. Epic paintball?

Check out the one on one action.

Watch and learn from professional paintball players. Their moves, techniques, angles, breaks, dives and more. There is more to a paintball video than just listening to music and watching them shoot. You can pick up some good skills from watching and practicing the same moves these pros use. You can also pick up on their tendencies…

World Cup was held at Fantasy of Flight in Polk City, FL.

This is a paintball mix with music by Green Day.


20 thoughts on “Russian Legion vs Philly Americans at PSP World Cup 2009 – Epic Paintball?

  1. Remind me, when did Legion shoot luxes? If he meant now, well they're shooting Clone GT's… Also are none of the sentences I've written proper ones? If not then I'd wonder about your own ability to judge grammar since you're starting sentences with the word and…

  2. I guarantee the guy that said they were Luxes didn't see the video said 2009. So here you come all smart and such and call people idiots while not being able to write a proper sentence. Dude, you're a douche. And exactly the type I make walk off the field in tears. lol Happy balling there Mountie.

  3. Did I say Philly wasn't using luxes? No! And why would I care about some slight grammatical errors over the internet? I'm not a grammar/spelling nazi like some. So by telling me that Philly was using luxes which I had already known, what were you trying to achieve? To become Captain Obvious?

  4. Did I say Russians were using them? Nope. And 2.0's weren't out then? GASP!! Please tell us more paintball history from 3 years ago!! Please!?!? And your grammar sucks as bad as your spelling.

  5. a simple typo hahah… and was legion using luxes? Nope. They were using marqs in the video. I answered the question, the guy didn't ask what guns Philly was using in the video. Also, Philly is using luxes but they aren't the 2.0 ones, cause the 2.0 wasn't out in 2009, smart ass.

  6. Then play the Pro division in a PSP event and prove it. Don't fucking brag about your 'skill' over the internet, if you're so good go to an event and shoot a pro player!

  7. how does having a sideline coach make him an idiot? Both teams have a sideline coach, you can hear RL's coach yelling from the other side of the field (their pits) yelling tips to the Russian player, so it is fair.

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