Red Sunday starring Omaha Vicious (Artifact Paintball Film Series) by Planet Eclipse

Red Sunday starring Omaha Vicious (Artifact Paintball Film Series)

“To rise above, you have to question everything you know…about paintball, and about yourself.”

Armed with a coach, a dream, and thousands of voices telling them “no chance in Hell,” a group of young tournaments players from the middle of nowhere became Omaha Vicious, dominating the amateur ranks of PSP Paintball circuit from 2005-2009, and turning pro in 2010.

But their amateur success hasn’t been immediately be repeated. After a season and a half competing on in the Race To & Series, Vicious is on the verge of falling apart. Are the players good enough? Is their coach holding them back? Will they ever win a professional event?

Planet Eclipse embedded veteran action sports filmmaker Dan Napoli (Coming home, One Night In November, The Roster) with Omaha Vicious for a candid look at the most tumultuous period in the team’s history.

Filmed between June 2011 and June 2012, Red Sunday culls from over 200 hours and 27GB of footage from two seasons of paintball competing in the PSP Race To 7 Series, the NCPA College Championships, and the CXPL.

Will Vicious rise above and thrive, or simply be another casualty of the professional paintball meat-grinder?

Featuring music by: Athletics, Ignite, Moonlit Sailor, Polar Bear Club, The Naked & Famous, Brother Ali, Porter Robinson, Samiam, Eyeshine, Looshuss, Arials, and The Dangerous Summer.

approximate run time: 80 minutes originally released on August 15, 2012.

#redsunday and the Artifact film series is produced by Planet Eclipse, a worldwide leader in action sports equipment, and producers of the EGO,GEO,ETEK, and ETHA paintball markers. in association with Deep Elm Records. and Disconnected Media. The film is narrated by Matt Marshall, a retired professional paintball player and renowned commentator, and writer.


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  1. NCPA counter coaching lol! Love seeing that they played at nationals. Everyone deserves to enjoy the epicness that is the NCPA nationals!

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