PSP Paintball World Cup 2014 Tournament – Sunday Virtue Highlights – Part 3/3

World Cup Paintball. Virtue Paintball heads to Fantasy Of Flight in Polk City, FL to cover the 2014 PSP World Cup!

For our Sunday coverage we wanted to do something special and different… so for the 5 sponsored matches we filmed on Sunday we decided to uncover the individual stories from each match in a new video style we wanted to try out!

Featuring Virtue sponsored teams / players: Konstantin Fedorov and Mishka Kniazev of Art Chaos, Moscow Red Legion, Portland Uprising, Sacramento DMG, Edmonton Impact, and Upton 187 Crew.

Edited by Nick Cucuzza
Filmed by Nick Cucuzza & Danny Quinn
A Special Thanks to Trevis Meseroll for help with the graphics and Arthur Dolzhansky for help with translations!


14 thoughts on “PSP Paintball World Cup 2014 Tournament – Sunday Virtue Highlights – Part 3/3

  1. Great video next years footage is going to look a whole lot different no rope shooting or people getting lit up. Hopefully the pace stays high. 

  2. Really enjoyed this version. I like the in game commentary, and the shots in the pits. It was not the normal shoot em up dub step video. You get an idea of what's going on in the game. Looking forward to watching more from Virtue. 

  3. Sad that virtue snubs 10 man. Would LOVE to watch ten man finals. Findlay force and All Americans looked good this year with Findlay taking home the cup. Psp needs to do a lot for ten man though.. Didnt even have toilets or ez ups anywhere near the ten man field.. Way to support the players psp… Smh

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