Paintball speed ball action high intensity geo 2.1, ego 11, d-side action Capital Edge

Paintball speed ball action high intensity geo 2.1, ego 11, d-side action Yus bitches!! I’m back to makin videos! ill b post in a montage soon! luv ya~ High intensity practice up in capital edge Ok here are the description shpam Bob long victory hk bob long victory paintball team practice modesto califorina extreme paintball, capital edge action airball action speed ball team players pro players snake action d side action geasslver productions skrillex dye rotor custom dye rotor exalt speed feed EMPIRE PROFECY DIES IN MIDDLE OF A GAME LOX Paintball team practice airball action extreme kayos, High Intensity, Sealed Fate Paintball speed ball action airball action invert mini newbies in snake short bus paintball game with commentary empire axe shooting in game IN ACTION reffs Paintball luxe 1.5, xsv sl74, empire axe, dye rotor, geo plus, in action! ok time for the unncecary tage AWAYYYY tournament paintball bob long g6r custom paintball jersey 3 man tournament 3 man paintball 3man tips paintball planet eclipse dye bob long spyder empire axe gurilla air ninja tank adzodin pump bunkers red blue geo 2.1 empire events empire ltd proto rail paintball action tournament first place trofiee view loader egg eggy velocity velocity xsv dynasty impact shocker smart parts ion custom custom paintball gun marker techpb bob long imatator invert mini dangerous power g3 g4 planet eclipse ego etek 3 Paintball on the beach every year, pbFASHION & HK Army don’t have a problem with that! Some clips from the NPPL Huntington Beach event, HK’s player party on the pier, and more! Looks like the boys survived Las Vegas for the NPPL 2010 paintball Final Event! Check out some Paintball team practice airball action pink axe, etek, ego, dm, halo, clips from this weekend and keep an eye out for more to come! pros vs newbs dye rotor empire profecy Pinocchio ganstard virtue board tadao oled board vforce grillz vforce profilers custom paintball gear gear bag pro teams pwnin newbs short bus full episode paintball iddiot paintball fail paintball kid gets shot up fat kid paintball fail

3rd Person GoPro: Paintball Concrete Speedball!

A training day like no other. Too windy for blow up bunkers, too sunny to not play. Enter the Oven, Task force Paintballs speedball arena. A great game zone with plenty of low cover and sneaky snake opportunities. My role for the 3 man team was to cover the back centre, my favourite place to play, as I tend to get less shot being there lol
I used this as an experiment too, to see how running two camera simultaneously and having them both showing at once. I did have a third scope cam going but that wasn’t worth the money spent on it!.

Please let me know what you think of this new format of video i’m using, especially the picture in picture and the text. Good or bad please be brutally honest. Too long? too slow? too loud, too quiet? please let rip. And once your done, hit that subscribe button! Please ūüėČ

“Stormfront” Kevin MacLeod (
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17 thoughts on “Paintball speed ball action high intensity geo 2.1, ego 11, d-side action Capital Edge

  1. If you are not beat for time I'd personally get the 2.1 but you would not be disappointed with either marker both shoot great. For the Etek it is all on personal preference on whether you want an all metal or a light material with Lt(glass reinforced nylon) on difference is the weight of the marker when you hold it.

  2. Should i get an etek am or lt. Or should i save up and get a geo2.1. I just started pkaying in december and have an azodin blitz. I dont play on a team jus rec. I still gotta save up money but should i make that big of a jump??

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