Paintball Pistols Markers: Ariakon and Warsensor

I use to paintball a lot and I figured I should do a quick video of the paintball pistols I have:
Warsensor Zeus G1
Ariakon Overlord RX
Ariakon ACP 2.0

If you have questions about the markers feel free to leave a comment.
My favorite is the Warsensor and you can see from the video why the Overlord is also my preferred pistol if I do not want to use the Warsensor (they no longer make paintball equipment).

I overview the .68 caliber ariakon rx paintball pistol.

i think this pistol is amazing. it shoots accurately, and far, it is heavy and large but packs a punch. only holds ten paintballs but could easily hold its own as a primary in a scenario game.

UPDATE- i have now played with this pistol as a primary weapon in about 10 games now. Its performance is very respectable for a pistol. It is more accurate than a lot of speedball guns out there (maybe its my accuracy). The gun has never jammed or malfunctioned on me in the heat of battle yet. The only downfall to this gun is the magazine capacity. i only have 1 magazine and i will say it is extremely scary and heart pumping when you are one of the last players left on your team hiding behind a barrier and having to reload with 10rd tubes. I get many head shots and kills so if you are considering buying the Ariakon Overlord rx DO IT!


40 thoughts on “Paintball Pistols Markers: Ariakon and Warsensor

  1. If i may correct you to unlock the clips from the ACP its just pull up on the front bolt set to release the clip the other bolt i think is for spring assisted release. i own 2 ACP 2.0's, PMI USP, a Tippmann TPX… i also have the barrel tip for the ACP, redid the TPX with a stock X7 barrel (stock TPX barrel lacking in accuracy for me)..Of my pistols the PMI is most accurate fallowed by ACP then TPX, also yay finally another Canadian 😛

  2. Sorry, I could not find your message if you noted which marker it was. As you now know how to strip apart the marker you could submerge it under water with a CO2 loaded and find where the leak is.

  3. I went to a paintball shop and we took it about and replaced every oring and it still leaks as soon as we try tightening the CO2 chamber. We were able to shoot off a few times but it leaks though the top part of the gun we assumed. wasted like 15 co2 canisters and still cant find the problem

  4. Do you have an Acklands near by? They have just about every O-ring you can dream of; They were even able to get me O-rings for my Coleman Apex stove!

  5. I recently bought one but it wasn't working due to an CO2 Leak. I took the gun apart and noticed that the puncture valve (screwed into the gun above the trigger where the CO2 is punctured) had a broken an Oring. I replaced it but dont think its the right size or if I placed it in right. could anyone help me?

  6. I sold the ACP a while to a friend and am keeping the Overlord and Zeus for old'times sake =) Thanks for watching – hope you find one!

  7. hey i was wondering if you could tell me what i can replace the spring with on the acp i lost mine so i need a new one its the same length as the zeus and g1 but i cant find any replacements if you could recommend something for me that'd be great than

  8. @Doberboy218 Good catch! Both markers are about the same weight around 2lbs but the Overlord is lighter with the magazines vs the ACP 2.0. I did not note that well in the video, sorry. The ACP 2.0 is newer though but still rare to fine, I have sold mine and kept the Overlord and Zeus.

  9. @HelghanEmpire Hit the nail on the head more! The Zeus will last forever in fact from the video you cannot even tell how many times the marker has hit the ground, rut or banged against a tree =)

  10. Can someone help me. My co2 goes in and it starts leaking right away once i put it in. Why is it leaking i screw it in tight to keep it from leaking. but it ain't working

  11. on the mag just spin the "little black thing" and it will hold ur paintballs in it and just open it back up and it will allow the balls to fall through moron

  12. @MrOgeidAzip1 not that hard just google it and you"llfind websites that sell it. find a good looking website that looks respectable. i got mine from zephysports but i dont recommned that site because they fucking sent mine without a magazine and barrel blocker

  13. yes a rifle stock could be easily attached via the rear bolt securing pins. also the bottom rail allows for a grip, laser, or lighting system. also its got internal spyder barrel threads so you can improve the accuracy.

  14. My friends brother and I can reload (I bought an extra mag. lol) in 2 seconds, no lie. I will try getting around to uploading it.

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