National Speedball League Scrimage Game from Livestream

I wanted to post a video that would more clearly explain the NSL format so I got permission from the NSL Commissioner to post our scrimage game that was originally broadcast on Livestream on May 9th at South Tampa Paintball. As you can see in the video he goes all out and has a camera set up in a tower at the center field line, commentation, coaches, great refs. Its getting better and better. The season officially starts May 30th.

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Red Dot Paintball and the National Speedball League for Region Three out of West Richland, Washington in association with vVvPaintball Productions presents;

Game Day #4: Whites (3-0) versus Badgers (2-1)

A rematch of game day #1 Team Whites lead by Coach Brian Albin look to keep their unbeaten streak alive as they take to the speedball field in this match-up of NSL Region 3’s 1st and 2nd place teams. Player Coach Harley Grinder will bring his team strong and determined to knock the 3-0 Whites down a peg and take his Badgers to a 3-1 victory. Coach Albin’s Sharks will not go softly into that good night. Both teams looking to take a bite out of the other’s team win/loss record.

Both the Whites and the Badgers should be fielding a full roaster for week 4. Coach Albin will look to use his front player Trevor Hollenbeck backed up by the metric ton of paint dumping back, mid and all-around ‘baller David Wilson to grind the Badgers offence to a standstill. While the Badgers defence will have to drive contend with Todd Mork. Mork’s deceiving playing ability that took the win in week 3 (the Reds believed his size would be a determent and he would just sit and dump, yet Todd had other intentions. His running and gunning skills proved the play of the day in his diving victory) watch for him to be in center, no left side, no right side…well what you can expect from Mork is he will be all over the place. Let us not forget the youngest player on the Region 3 roaster Trace Schuening who equipped with the EGO LV1 has grown leaps from last season and has no problem taking it to anyone on that field and stabbing them. Then you have the Badgers Player Coach Harley Grinder who never just lets lays down for anyone, let alone the number one team in Region 3 right now. You will see Grinder in all positions from back to dorito to tape to the sidelines coaching and directing his team. The unexpected sniper on this team is Dennis Rogers (proof that crime may not pay but when it’s Small Crime the rewards pay dividends). Andrew Gies another metric ton of paint dumping back & mid player who has little issue with playing and filling any & all spots as needed.

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