My View Loader Triton II review (paintball)

My View Loader Triton II review (paintball)

just a quick review on the VL triton 2 by brass eagle.
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20 thoughts on “My View Loader Triton II review (paintball)

  1. It's made by Viewloader, which is not Brass Eagle. It is now part of Kee Action Sports, who owns Empire, Viewloader, JT, Brass Eagle, WGP, and BT. So, it is not a Brass Eagle, at least his model (2006) is not. It was never made by Brass Eagle, although it was part of the same company grouping. Hence the name, Viewloader Triton II. Same as Viewloader Maxis, Viewloader Prodigy, and about 15-16 more Viewloader markers.

  2. Couple things here:
    It's a marker, not a gun. Double trigger is not for stability, it's for walking the trigger. With a simple mod, I can get 8-10 bps reliably with my Triton II. Third, it's NOT A BRASS EAGLE! And yeah, sure, there are better guns out there, but I like my Triton II. I play with an A5 or one of several AutoCockers whenever I feel the urge, but that little Triton is fun to pull out and play wtih against newbies or rentals. Good review, just get your facts straight.

  3. what surprises me is that this video is almost three years old and people are still watching it. i dont play paintball anymore, because i moved on to airsoft

  4. @pureheadshotz4 please tell me what its for then good sir cause last time I checked triton 2 wasnt for woodsball and a beginner speedball marker

  5. @marlonanulao this isnt a fucking speedball gun u fucking dumbass so shut the fuck up u dont know what your fucking talking about kid

  6. tottal dumbass that gun is for speed ball sue it for speed ball and if your gonna just fucking play woods ball get a fucking tippmann jesus christ dude your horrible

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