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Meh, not alot about this gun excited much. For recball, it’s not a bad gun. But if you are looking for something for tournaments, I’d skip it and look elsewhere until they update the board. Enjoy!


20 thoughts on “MacDev Drone DX Review : Effeciency Test and Disassembly

  1. I have this gun would defently recommend it I use it in tournament xball and it works great you just need to adjust it to your personal preference

  2. Everybody. I called up macdev and they said that you can run a standard 800 output pressure. When you use low pressure, all it does it runs less of a risk of breaking orings and is easier on the gun. Applies to all guns. 

  3. good review. it looked like you might have chopped 2-3 paintballs when you started shooting? and it also looked like it was shooting doubles near the end? if so, do these things happen often? definitely looks like a option to get for this price range, again, thanks for the review.

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