Kingman Chaser Paintball Gun Shooting Demo

This is the Kingman Chaser paintball gun. This gun is great and shoots 11mm Paintballs at 300 FPS. The Gun is light weight and a great gun to have as a backup.

Spyder paintball recently refreshed the Spyder MR6. With a true milsim design and very affordable price, the MR6 is definitely a great option for those looking to purchase their very first or new paintball setup.


21 thoughts on “Kingman Chaser Paintball Gun Shooting Demo

  1. the chaser is wayyy better than the tpx tpx chops too much and is a pain in the ass to clean but the chaser is so good the only bad part is that they use smaller paintballs and ure kinda screwed when u run out of ammo and do any of u think duel wielding a chaser is better or just 1

  2. what are the upgrades to the MR6 can you put a cyclone on it can you put a folding car stock on it can you put a different Barrel on it
    can you put a grenade launcher on it

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