Joy Division is back playing paintball!

You can take the player out of paintball but you can never take paintball out of the player. After more than 5 years of retirement a few of the guys from Joy got the itch to play again. A few calls and the band was back together again. But could they compete after so many years away from tournament paintball? Armed with Joy Luxes and worlds fastest pack from Bunkerkings they entered Scandinavian masters.

Film by Oskar Walker

Watch how they did.


14 thoughts on “Joy Division is back playing paintball!

  1. OK joy Division is back but at what cost ?? they play at about the same level as a Division x 2 Team ??
    Since they`ve Opped out of the game ?  EVERY Team has moved on. From Division x 5 upwards = NOW it`s a different ball game.

  2. zomg, what if they play psp!!! are they going to take vicious' spot in champs?? 

    after they stop on challengers div that is. 

  3. Noooo Wayy!!
    This is super epic if they are coming back for 2015 season. Joy and Dynasty,all time favorites,and to see them toe 2 toe,only god knows the out come. Still reppin no matter what.

    Love it, liked it, ball on!

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