From the Paintball Vault, Ep 5 – PMI-III/VM-68 & Pro-Team Products Gun F/X MX-2 Markers

Joe from Behind the Bunker takes us into his paintball vault. From The Vault is a look back at the beginnings of paintball from the earliest guns to gear to magazines and everything in-between.

This episode focuses on the VM-68/PMI-III Marker made by Pursuit Marketing, Inc and the Pro-Team Products Gun F/X MX-2 markers.

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40 thoughts on “From the Paintball Vault, Ep 5 – PMI-III/VM-68 & Pro-Team Products Gun F/X MX-2 Markers

  1. You can get a PMI-3/VM68 pretty cheap honestly. Sub-100 dollars can get you a pretty good working example of one, and they were produced en mass.

  2. for people who like this stuff, and i dont mean to spam, but you should check out webdogpaintball. look for History Of Paintball Gear

  3. is it weird that i hate paintball but love watching the videos cause i sure in hell think it is so does that mean i like it? i play airsoft but i love @socialpaintballs videos they are awsome. and yes ive played paintball for about 10 years now i dont like it

  4. im just amazed from the stuff you have. but one question…
    how do you get your hands on this stuff?? people give it to you? you buy it? or what??? hope you do have a vault for all this stuff. nice video. nice to see some history about Paintball 🙂

  5. I've still got a Pro Team Products F/X Micromag with the removable barrel (second gen). Good stuff. VM-68s were neat back in the day, but freakin' heavy and kicked like a mule!

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  7. dwights character is fucking hilarious most of the the time with his witty and hilarious responses. but sometimes its like he's trying to hard like dressing up and just destroying stuff

  8. He's a beta male who tries too hard to be an alpha. Instead, he should apply his fastidiousness to facilitating office harmony in technical ways the way Toby does in interpersonal ways. Of course, that would make him a more mature character – and therefore less entertaining.
    Nothing wrong with being a beta. Betas are the power behind the throne. The ones who truly maintain order (in the form of harmony rather than rigidity). Alphas don't have time to calculate details or understand how those details fit into the big picture. Betas tend to be adept at exactly that. Also, consider this: Where would Rick Grimes be if not for Hershel Greene? Sure, they're both technically "alpha males," but Hersh functioned in various secondary roles (adviser, healer, mentor, etc.) to Rick's leadership. Sure, I'm cross-referencing shows here, but Jungian archetypes are typically transfunctional like that. Anyway, Dwight gets too caught up in pedantic semantics of didactic do0m.

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