Dye NT Paintball Gun Shooting Demo

http://www.ansgear.com Check out the new 2010 Dye NT paintball gun in action. This video will show you the true blasting power of the new Dye NT http://www.ansgear.com/Dye_NT_Paintball_Gun_s/1598.htm

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20 thoughts on “Dye NT Paintball Gun Shooting Demo

  1. @masterexploder63 k first of all DM10 is a DM9 with a new trigger. second, an ego is a poppet valve and a DM is a spool valve. the difference. poppit valves tend to be for efficient and lighter. but they are also are louder and kick more. spoole valve's are smoother and more quiet BUT are a little heavier and not quite as efficient. it really is what you want in a gun. i picked a DM becuase i like to be a FUCKING SNEAKY ASS NINJA 😛

  2. @masterexploder63 from what i hear from my local field owner the ego 10 is more consistent he said the dm10 still has some problems and he only sells guns that will last since he gives a lifetime warranty on any gun you buy but thats just what he said i dont own either one since i actually pay for my stuff and cant buy 1 thousand dollar guns (no offence)

  3. no it didnt looked just like one ball curved
    if it chopped theyd all be flying all over
    it shoot straight after that oddball so the answer is No it did not chop

  4. it was probably a barrel break. It couldve been a chop but it was probably from the bolt hitting it no like the ball being half chambered

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