Dangerous Power Fusion FX Shooting Video

Dangerous Power Fusion FX Shooting Video

Sorry I have not been answering questions about the gun, but I no longer own the marker and haven’t for quite some time, so I can’t really provide any details.

Shooting my Fusion FX using Crossfire 68/45 and Pinokio.


20 thoughts on “Dangerous Power Fusion FX Shooting Video

  1. Look up reviews for dp vs g4 and see how many people like the dp better everybody's gonna talk good about a gun they don't have and there comparing to

  2. Etek 4 or this fusion fx? I've shot an etek 3 And ego 11 and they were both sweet. But I'd like to shoot one of these before I make my decision. Hopefully someone has one at the field morrow

  3. Dp G4 isn't a bad gun, just the bolt stick, but it's an easy fix, just some people are to lazy to fix it( not saying you're lazy). But I love the G4, and I'm not having issues with it. And yes, I know this is a FX video, but I never liked the fx, cause it isn't good in my opinion.

  4. i definitely agree. took my buddy to get a gun cuz he didn't know what to get. he refused to listen to me when i told him not to get a dp, next thing you know 1 game later the oled screen went blank, also the trigger is zoo stiff coming out of the box. takes a while to figure out the adjustments. STOP SPENDING MONEY ON THESE GAY NEW GUNS GET AN FEP QUEST!!!! STRAIGHT UP!!!!! CRITICAL PAINTBALL STILL SELLS THEM.

  5. It's called xball buddy you shouldn't need to clean it every game or two. Great guns just better for things that aren't xball.

  6. no u fucking idiot.
    its a spring poppet.
    learn something about paintball. i been playing D-2 for 2 years and have 10 years of paintball under my belt.
    I think i would fucking know something about it. DP is shit, and so are you. fucking 13 year old bitch.

  7. @mehelloYO My original Fusion had an issue with the solenoid, I contacted DP and they sent me a replacement part to fix the leak. As long as I had it after that, no issues.

  8. @ArchLich12 DP guns always have out of box problems.
    wether its leaking or the board.
    i use my Marq Rapper and clean it every 10 cases.
    The FX is a poppet and shouldnt be cleaned for every few cases.

  9. @mehelloYO Hmm. I dont know what experience you have with DP, but my FX is wonderful. I hate Eteks, just cus they are so damn loud. The only people (and Im not saying this is you) that I really see ripping on dangerous power are the ones that dont think you need to clean your gun after every game or two.

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