Airgun Designs maintenance

A complete guide on how to repair and upgrade your Mag! Covers assembly and disassembly, basic repairs, tips, tricks, and more! Features Tom Kaye, the inventor of the Automag and founder of Airgun Designs

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20 thoughts on “Airgun Designs maintenance

  1. is it posible to by new stuff for my old 68automag?
    does AGD still sell parts ore where can i get hold of a company that sell automag parts.

  2. I know you made a custom mounting bracket, but which version of the q loader did you start with? I'm looking to do something similar with my rt ule custom. Thanks!

  3. No what else is cute? How a basic design all most 30 years old can leave any other brand new 2012, 2013 marker in the dust. Actually, when I compare the two the inferiority the others isn't so cute after all. Not to hate on WGP or Angel (I love and miss them) but you stated 2 markers from non-existent companies. Salt in the wound I know but you are saying other markers are better when they don't even have a company to call home anymore.

  4. all (recent) Qloaders are the same. Depends on your preference. Q-pods have drawbacks such as, limited paint, cant be stored in all pod packs, COMPLETELY different style of play, and require tuning and experience. Benefits are (depending on how you mount it) no profile, the fastest loading system out there, really stylish and custom looking, awesome for custom guns, no batteries. Warps can have the same capacity as your hopper and share similar benefits but run on batteries and aren't as fast.

  5. da faq?? how would that work??? airsoft beebee's are a million times lighter than a paintball and the mec in it would be way to harsh on the paint and would break it every time

  6. what type of q loader system did u use for ur gun i have a automag 68 classic with a warp ready main body what type of loading system should i use?

  7. fun fact, proto barrels are bored on the same machines that bore UL barrels, so they are honed the same way on the inside:) a proto barrel is the same as a UL:)

  8. The higher the pressure is from your air system the more reactive the trigger becomes. I once hooked up a friends RT direct to a 3000psi scuba tank with no reg and it was insane. Easily hitting the high 20's in Bps however this was a stock RT with no level 10 or ULE kit. After messing about with his gun I decided to get a TAC one with a ULE trigger. It rocks. End of. You can keep your sissy electric rubbish, as Airgun say "Quality always shoots straight" 😉

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