“A Couple Quick Points” – 3 Man Paintball Tournament -Geo 3 Speedball

Camera: Replay XD 1080p Mini w/ strap mount
Marker: Geo 3
Field: Go Big Paintball Park (Bellingham, WA)
Video Rating: / 5


14 thoughts on ““A Couple Quick Points” – 3 Man Paintball Tournament -Geo 3 Speedball

  1. I enjoy your videos. I've been using them to help train some of my newer players on my team. A good example of solid communication and strong teamwork. I've noticed you have played with quite a few high end guns. I've always been a luxe fan but what are a few of your favorites?

  2. Hey man I really enjoy your videos. I'm 17 as well and starting to play speedball. I think it would be awesome if you made a gear bag video! Keep on posting awesome game play bro! It's awesome! 

  3. I'm a beginner can you recommend me a good gun? You seem pretty good I'm hoping to get the GoG eXtcY do you think it is worth it for the price? 225$

  4. hey buddy i noticed you haven't uploaded in some time and I'm just saying stick with it cos you where doing well and your subscribers where constantly climbing 

  5. Please answer, how do you do game plays with all the best paintball guns? Are you rich? I've been paintballing for 4 years and all I have is a proto rail 2011 with some upgrades…

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