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Macdev Tactical and DX Drone Maintenance and tips 64

Walk thru of maintenance on the DX drive, tips on the battery, regulator, and such
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This is a limited edition MacDev Drone DX in Camo Anno that I picked up from the 2011 PSP World Cup. Just an unboxing video, enjoy!

35 thoughts on “Macdev Tactical and DX Drone Maintenance and tips

  1. tank output pressure does not make a difference, SLP or HP, no change. I've never shot a proto, PassivePB, so I can't say!

  2. Militia lube is the best for a drone or clone. Other DOW33 lubes can be used, but may have additives which affect performance

  3. I love the drone simply amazing, pretty quiet all but my one problem is all the o-rings are in metric soo you have to buy their o-rings

  4. Axe, Etha, and Etek are all poppets.
    Reflex and Drone are spools.
    In my opinion the best out of the poppets is the Axe, the best out of the spools is the Drone. My favorite over all is the Drone.

  5. Mike i'm thinking of buying a new gun, i have an invert mini 3rd gen from 08, and i wan't to get an axe or the 2012 MacDev Drone, i don't know what to chose!

  6. i have a reflex, axe and etek, reflex is ok all around gun but not very reliable for the price, axe is better all around and a better smoother shooting gun, but drone dx is my fav, super reliable, quiet, smooth, and very air efficent!

  7. Ok thanks. Most people hate the reflex but i figured id put it up there. My friend has an axe and it shoots really smooth and another friend had an etek 3 and I loved that. I'm manly looking at the drone but the etek 4 really caught my attention.

  8. I owned a Axe for a while I didnt like it as much as other guns ive used im getting a drone next. so Drone

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