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Macdev Drone DX Shooting Firing Modes Test 92

Firing modes of a new Macdev Drone DX.

It was very cold (about 38°F) and extremely windy.

Gun: Macdev Drone DX
Hopper: Dye Rotor
Tank: Ninja 68 ci 4500 psi Adjustable reg (~550 psi output pressure)

Firing Modes and Time They Occur:
0:19 Semi Uncapped
0:31 Semi Capped 12.5 bps
0:39 3 Shot Burst Uncapped
0:50 3 Shot Burst Capped 12.5 bps
1:00 Full Auto Uncapped
1:12 Full Auto Capped 12.5 bps
1:23 PSP 12.5 bps
1:40 Millenium 12.5 bps

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22 thoughts on “Macdev Drone DX Shooting Firing Modes Test

  1. hey there this may seem like a stupid question but i have just purchased this marker and cant for the life of me figure out how to change the fire modes (i just started paintball btw) pls help

  2. @Cbadpb11 No restriction on how fast you can shoot,.. If you fingers can shoot up to 16 bps uncapped will let you, but if its capped at 12.5 bps you can pass it…

  3. Can you guys please do a programming video for the drone 2 I'm more a a visual learner and I've tried reading the manual but I still don't understand and over also looked for videos on YouTube and no one has posted one please and thank you.

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