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MacDev Drone DX Review and In-Game Footage 94

MacDev Drone DX Review and In-Game Footage

Justin reviews the MacDev Drone DX. The MacDev Drone DX is a high quality, light weight gun that offers premium features.

MacDev’s Official Site: http://store.macdev.net/product_p/dronedx.htm

Fast 30bps fire rate
Solid Aluminium frame and body
Filtered inline regulator (VX)
Aluminium clamping tool-less feed tube (VX)
Venting ASA system
Full function LED board
14″ Matchstick 2 piece barrel
High quality carry case and accessories included

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20 thoughts on “MacDev Drone DX Review and In-Game Footage

  1. Hey, he is never going to out shoot his hopper, and if he ever buys a higher end electronic gun, he won't have to buy a hopper.

  2. Go with the Drone it's CS has come a long way and the gun is amazing and only $430 now and it's it has so many amazing features a 14" two piece autococker barrel 30 Bps on/off ASA and tons of other sweet features

  3. Drone unless you plan on playing in the woods a lot! The Drone is pretty much the best marker in that price range + or – the Empire Axe.

  4. i would go with the etha because it is backed buy a wonderful company and there are many upgrades that can be done to it to make it feel and shoot like a geo

  5. too close to say, matter of certain preferences. I think personally I would go with the drone, but I love dye markers as well.

  6. this, axe has a regulator you can't really maintain.. if you are going to get the axe check out techpb mike's vid on how to service it first.

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