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MacDev Drone DX Paintball Gun Testing 68

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Testing out the MacDev Drone DX for the upcoming review, enjoy!!
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20 thoughts on “MacDev Drone DX Paintball Gun Testing

  1. Mike just screw what idiot say on here…….He's probably some little 12 year old who wasted his 20 dollar allowance on markerbids trying to win a high-end marker. HEY EHLEOHWHAT….Go to the website…go to the forums…..go to "Winners Circle"….you will see the winners and the policy that everyone must also make an unboxing video or pictures. I've personally won something on markerbids….your just an idiot and you expect to pay 2 dollers for a high end gun…lol GTFO!

  2. The axe has a really nice trigger, absolutely can't take that away from the gun but with the lack of user serviceable parts and a shitty stock barrel I'll save myself +/- $60 and get a drone

  3. For everyone commenting about this gun vs the axe, the axe is $460 right now bnib, the macdev drone dx is $430 and you can pull the drone outta the box and play. The axe is an immediate barrel upgrade and the feedneck on the axe is junk

  4. mike, how would you compare this to the axe now that the PSP issue is fixed. I like my axe, but the weight, and some other small things kinda bug me when using other peoples markers.

  5. I currently have a Draxxus pulse and want to get a new loader. The Pinocchio is a loader i was considering but the size seems to worry me. How much bigger is it than a Halo or my Pulse?

  6. The Macdev has a really disappointing trigger for its price tag but the rest of the gun is flaw-less! If you have the money for a new trigger id pick the Drone DX over the axe all day long this is mostly down to personal preference but i think the MacDev sits alot nicer in the hand! And is a-lot more pleasurable/rewarding while shooting.

    -Spirit paintball

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