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MacDev Droid Paintball Gun Review & Demo 94

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First time using my new Macdev Clone 5. Enjoy!!!!
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24 thoughts on “MacDev Droid Paintball Gun Review & Demo

  1. @PBZeno its okay the grip frame is HUGE in the back feels kinda funny it over all shoots like my shocker… but sockers are awesome i would say try and get theser for around $500 thats about what there worth !

  2. @killersquirrel122 i owned it… i have my own review/shooting video and such on it. i think its an overall great gun, but it's no luxe.. i like the rx better, which i also own… the millings a bit boring but its nice. the way it shoots? well all macdev guns shoot AMAZZIIINNGG. its really all up to you.

  3. So these are the two companies on the face of the planet that have good brand names and yet you don't pay for that? In Dye's case you are paying for a gun that has changed very little since 2006 for cutting edge technology? It is called marketing. Paintball companies are no different. Dye has been overpriced since 2001.

  4. Go droid, unless u hav more cash then id suggest the clone. Spoolies are bit more difficult to maintain, and a bit less efficient, but who cares when u hav a gun thats smoother

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