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Macdev Cyborg RX Shooting Semi (HD) 88

its been along time since i last showed this gun off. And you may think that this cyborg isnt the one i had before, and you are right because the one i have i am rebuilding from parts again. It is a team mates and i am glad i get to test it for the time being.

NOX’d Cyborg in unlimited mode with Velocity Hopper this was the secound test after doing it with a reloader and maxing the reloader B at 22bps.
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24 thoughts on “Macdev Cyborg RX Shooting Semi (HD)

  1. i would have to agree with you but it isnt my favorite so far… now that macdev is moving towards the no macroline on guns, i think it will be pretty cool to see the next version and btw thanks for the sub!

  2. ah tough to say right now maybe when i get to play with the cyborg more i then can give you a answer as of right now the dm is looking good

  3. @stramel77 it was the field owner, he freaked out cause he hated us shooting at the wall next to the staging area lol.

  4. Hahahahaha man I will never forget that. Jesus for the first time ever I heard Brian in the background swearing. Nice shooting Josh. I shot the vid as I remember. you still have that gat Matt?

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