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MacDev Cyborg RX Review 68

I know this is a little late, seeing as this gun is almost 2 years old. Here is a video review of my Cyborg RX.
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Bestellt euch jetzt die neue Cyborg 6 von Macdev
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16 thoughts on “MacDev Cyborg RX Review

  1. @panitballer1234567 g6r for sure but you have probably got something already seeing as the comment was posted 6 mounths ago

  2. @Compulsion27

    That is pretty nifty. Yea no doubt it was an amazing gun. Im guessing that red tool was a shrader valve remover? or something along those lines…

  3. @strikeshot09
    I personally have not. The tournaments i play are not national series and of course are Canadian so it will depend on the rules eash individual series. I have had people tell me it is legal in psp and others tell me it isnt. I dont know and i guess i dont really care.

  4. pretty sick, im a huge fan of the matchstik barrel. just curious, have you ever had tourny legality issues with the gun's color? i've heard of some local tournaments near me not allowing yellow/orange guns due to being too close to paint fill color

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