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MacDev Cyborg RX PSP Ramping 91

Black and White RX
Violent trigger
V2 ram
Gold bolt

Shooting a FULL Rotor.
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This is part 1 of my MacDev Cyborg RX Super Gun show. Parts 2 and 3 are on the way, but will take some time. Once everything is done, I will post links here in the description to various things that I explain in the video so that things can be quickly found.

25 thoughts on “MacDev Cyborg RX PSP Ramping

  1. @00011iiiJAck like an in-between for semi and full auto. depending on the board, pull the trigger 3-5 times a second and the marker will ramp up to your programmed BPS with no extra effort from you.

  2. haha by the sound it seems like it shoot ropes… as soon as you look at the video it's 1 BPS hahaha… nice gun

  3. @fulforddude It's due to the slower frame rate of the camera not being able to accurately show every shot. If I bought a higher-end camera it would look normal.

  4. @cookybiscuit

    It wasnt, actually, lol. You will notice that I put the case and some other items spun around upside down in the video. That is because when i rendered the video, I had it rotated 180 degrees, so that it would look like it was the way everyone wanted. But it made all my physical attempts look like derp.

  5. @andrewthewookie

    It is possible. But it does purge out of that area, and no matter what, it still activates and leaks as I mentioned.

  6. I don't think the o-rings on the sides of the cross pin that you talk about at 9:20 are what seal in the air. They're just there to make sure the cross pin doesn't fall out. If it was leaking out that hole, it's because the central pin wasn't sealing properly inside.

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