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7 thoughts on “MacDev Cyborg 06 Review

  1. Ive been collecting MD guns for a number of years and been paintballing for over 20. These borgs, although not as small, shoot and perform better than many of the new poppits on the market. Nice review.

  2. If you tune it right, which I went over in one of my vids (I don't even remember which one… maybe this one?), there will be next to no kick to it. It really shoots almost as smoothly as my PM8 did. Shoots better than any Ego I've ever shot, shoots better than any Timmy I've ever seen, it even shoots smoother than a few lower end spools I've shot, like PMR's.

    Mine also has an aftermarket bolt and pin I don't use in it, as well as an 07 valve and non-stock barrel, plus ASA, trigger, feedneck.

  3. good job

    i'm getting a bnib olive 06 in a few days. can't wait
    lol, i'm also getting the same ups (asa, trigger, and feedneck)

    hows the kick on it? is it all hype on how smooth it is?

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